The Back Story

It all began with my son Kyle’s incredibly sensitive skin — which triggered my obsession with discovering the purest products for babies. But who would have known that would have been such a herculean task?

Most baby products available in Singapore were lacking in design and almost never made the green mark. Needless to say, they failed to satiate my appetite for unique, environmentally-friendly products (preferably ones exuding that indomitable Scandinavian style). In other words, eco-cool finds for kids.

After too many trips to the pediatrician, not to mention fruitless shopping jaunts to local baby boutiques, I discovered a new mission — to unveil an online store stocked with only the safest and most planet-happy products possible.

All the products in my store have been duly researched and handpicked by me and tested by my son (in terms of safety, sensitivity and cuteness!). I do all the work so you can stay busy being fabulous.

The choices we make now affect not just our children, but also generations to come. A happy environment makes a happy baby. I believe the world would be a much better, cordial place if 1) everyone said “please” and “thank you”, 2) we give way to the old folks, the disabled and mums who are trying to stay as cool as possible (in all senses of the word) with diaper bag, baby carrier, stroller and cranky kid(s) in tow, and 3) all baby products were cute, safe and made from environmentally friendly materials.

Since I’m not going to sit around and hold my breath for the first two, I’m putting my focus on the baby stuff. I pledge to stock only the best and give you mothers a chance to offer only the safest to your babies and children.

Help me and others spread the green message.





If you have queries on any of the items or brands featured, Laurel is happy to talk to you. Really, she’s pretty prompt and nice. Occasionally funny. Drop her a line at