Tattyoo Cheep Cheep By Piktorama

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Tattyoo Cheep Cheep By Piktorama

Piktorama is Amaranta Martínez, an illustrator and designer from Venezuela. After some experimenting, she decided to become Piktorama developing her own illustration style and making her playful and magic world come to life.

Why it's a Tinydipity pick:

Swiss label Tattyoo produces temporary art tattoos for adults and kids, designed by renowned artists and emerging talents.

Non-toxic, apply easily with water and last 5-7 days, not only do they make great gifts or party packs, we are pretty sure junior will have tons of fun with these body ornaments!


Suitable for kids from 3

Set of 2 - Size 5.1 x 7.6 cm

Crafted with love in Sweden, printed in USA with FDA and European Community certified ingredients.

Hand-packed in Switzerland

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