Rilla Go Rilla Mister Gorilla Small Backpack Trucks

Rilla Go Rilla Mister Gorilla Small Backpack Trucks

Send them off to playdates or pre-school with the coolest backpack ever! Not only that, they will stand out in the sea of licensed character packs on the hooks and in the cubbies in school.

Why it's a Tinydipity pick:

Rilla Go Rilla is a platform for young designers to showcase their cool products.

Constructed from easy-to-clean laminated canvas, the cute interior (check out the contrasting print!) contains a smaller zippered pocket and elastic band for water bottle.

Complete with padded adjustable shoulder straps, waterproof bright neon orange zipper and top handle.

Designed for pre-schoolers, these lightweight packs are perfect for little kiddos who require a sturdy backpack without all the bells and whistles.


Size 20 x 30 x 10 cm

Designed in Netherlands

Product in stock

Price: $74.90

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